Alaska Psychiatric Institute is currently developing a 5-Year Strategic Plan and partner organizations are an essential part of the planning process.

API Focused Conversation Series

Focused Conversation Meeting Schedule

7/209:00am – 10:30amCrisis Now system changes that affect APIRegister Here
7/259:00am – 10:30amOutpatient restoration/Jail-based restorationRegister Here
7/279:00am – 10:30amOutpatient medication clinicRegister Here
8/19:00am – 10:30amAPI Governance; API Governing Body – Public MeetingRegister Here
8/89:00am – 10:30amTelehealthRegister Here
8/179:00am – 10:30amBed projections and facilities planning – Rescheduled from 8/3Register Here


In April 2023, we hosted two sessions with partners and asked three questions: 

    • What’s working well at API?

    • What can be improved? 

    • What should be included in a 5-year strategic plan?

The recap of these sessions is here:

If you are a partner and would like to contribute to this gathering of input, please take a few minutes to answer our discussion questions through the link below: 

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