Jack Darling
Jack headshot

Jack is an accomplished professional who was born and raised in Alaska. DDA’s diverse client base always appreciates Jack’s sensitivity, detail-oriented communication, and problem-solving skills. Jack graduated from South Anchorage High School and the University of Washington in Seattle with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. As a part of the DDA team, Jack is our in-house survey-programmer, utilizing Qualtrics to efficiently collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Jack is also a talented writer, and provides top-notch technical meeting support, legislative monitoring, and high quality professional communications including email blasts, reports, research, and proposals.

Prior to working with DDA, Jack served five years at the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service working as a cancer information specialist and smoking cessation counselor. The cessation counseling services Jack provided in this role include motivational interviewing methods for assessing interest in quitting use of all nicotine products, building a quit plan, providing information about medication along with other quit strategies. Services are designed for the general public to access through the NCI Smoking Quitline, and VA-specific programming (QuitVET) also includes a tailored 4-week callback service to check in with the client as they carry out their quit plan and create their smoke free future.