Public Involvement

Public involvement and community outreach are both ways that DDA helps clients to build relationships, interact with stakeholders, and encourage cooperation. The success of a project or initiative often depends on stakeholder involvement and community support, which take time and resources to build.

Our public involvement approach first takes into account regional, social, and cultural differences throughout Alaska. DDA prioritizes respect and authenticity in our outreach, and we work with all parties to make sure that culture, history, and tradition are recognized and respected. Our strategies are targeted, deliberate, and effective, while also being sensitive to the unique needs of the client and the community. We believe in fostering mutually beneficial relationships that facilitate long-term connections and community engagement.

DDA staff are also very experienced in arranging and facilitating tribal consultations. The purpose of a tribal consultation is to encourage government to government dialogues between Federally Recognized Tribal Authorities and all branches of the US Federal Government. Tribal consultations are also a way to recognize tribal sovereignty and to seek early and meaningful input in to federal planning and decision-making. DDA has extensive experience working with both the federal government and the tribal authorities to arrange and facilitate these sessions, and to ensure that they produce clear priorities and concrete results.


  • Facilitation
  • Tribal consultation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Public involvement plans
  • Public comment processes
  • Public hearings
  • Town hall meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Website and social media
  • Newsletters
  • Mailings
  • Advertising