2024 Legislative Toolkit

When it’s time for change, our team works behind the scenes to develop strategies that cross the finish line. For decades, DDA has established a track record of successful legislative strategies. We believe that Alaskans should be driving policy decisions, and for that reason in 2017 we developed our first legislative toolkit available to the public. These resources continue to be updated and can be found at the links below.

Your 2024 Legislative Toolkit contains the following information:

1. Key Dates - Session Planner:

3. Fly-in Scheduler Tool

Download these documents to help plan and schedule your legislative meetings. 



Toolkit Learning Series

DDA facilitates workshops to help Alaskans take a deeper dive into fine tuning your elevator speech, making technology your friend and delivering top notch hearing testimony.


  • Advocacy 101 – Your role as an advocate: Understanding the basics of the legislative process, public awareness and choosing how to engage.
  • Hook, line, sinker – finding your voice and developing your elevator speech
  • 3-minute testimony/public speaking workshop
  • Organizer module: how to powermap your coalition and facilitate an in-person, virtual, or hybrid fly-in
  • Media engagement: what to do, what not to do and social media best practices
  • Train the trainer module (for those in leadership positions)

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